Ranked-choice voting should be easy and free. 

Right now there is no truly convenient, free way to hold an unofficial ranked-choice election - whether for a neighborhood civic association choosing leaders, or a high school choosing a class president. Ranked-choice voting (RCV) is a powerful reform, but kind of a pain to actually use yourself. 

BallotBox.Vote is an open-source, non-profit software project so anyone can create, print, scan and tabulate paper RCV ballots right from their smart phone.


The system is only for non-government RCV elections - or any group decisions, such as what food to order for the office lunch. Our mission is to educate about RCV by giving everyone a very cool way to actually use it. 


Right now we need a few more software developers to pitch in, so if you have relevant skills please use the simple contact form above or email ballotboxinfo@gmail.com. 


In addition to creating the apps, BallotBox.Vote will recruit volunteers to promote the app and the benefits of RCV to civic groups and schools in their local communities. That outreach work is a major part of our long-term mission. The easier our app is to use, the easier it will be for volunteers to persuade community group leaders to say "yes" to trying RCV. The app and outreach work together in a two-part strategy. 

We are applying for non-profit status, and the iOS and Android apps will always be free to use. We know there are a few, mostly for-profit sites out there where groups can hold RCV elections electronically. We do not find those sites especially user friendly, or free. Also, we believe scanned paper ballots are the best way to educate about RCV. Paper ballots are what actual voting machines use, and paper ballots can be re-scanned or hand-counted in the event of a dispute. The most important difference is that BallotBox.Vote is the only RCV system that will combine a simple, free election system with RCV volunteer outreach.  

We hope the project is a very effective grassroots educational force. RCV has a lot of current momentum, but we still find too many well-informed people have never heard of RCV. It can only used by about 1% of US voters in official state or local elections. RCV strengthens democracy in many ways, and we want to educate 100% of America about it.


RCV is more abstract than other reform issues, and so it's imperative that it be put into everyday use in order to be discussed, appreciated, and posted about on social media.  Also, future elected leaders are likely to be associated with community groups, so by encouraging civic groups to use RCV internally, our project is educating future city council and state legislature members at the same time. 

BallotBox.Vote will not conduct any state or local legislative advocacy for adopting RCV for elections for government office. That is already being very capably done by others. Our contribution to the growing RCV movement is to educate citizens about ranked choice for the long-term by building and promoting this simple paper ballot voting and scanning system.  

After BallotBox.Vote LLC has secured its non-profit status, it will begin to accept donations. However, at this point the need for funding is limited. 

Please click the above menu "Contact" and leave your e-mail address, location and tell us a little about yourself and your interest in RCV so we can get back in touch once the system is operational. We will need hundreds of future local volunteers to help get RCV used more by organizations in their community. For now, we mostly need 2-3 volunteer iOS and Android app makers and software developers to get this to the public as quickly as possible.